Monday, May 16, 2011

Preconceived Notions

I know I did a "my world" theme one week - this is kind of an offshoot of that, but more random. :)
Because there is very little that is more random than a plastic T Rex devouring a protesting cow on a windowsill at the Library. This is what I giggle at while I'm processing Holds. There's also a double jointed toy soldier and a selection of rainbow-colored animals.
I have been terrified of the Michelin tire guy since I was four, and we coincidentally happened to go tire shopping the day after I saw the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man scene in Ghostbusters. (Admit it - there is a resemblance. Especially when it's an 8 foot blow-up Tire Guy and you're young and impressionable)
Did I mention Holds? This is what they look like. Stacks of books and media that get scanned, tagged, alphabetized and placed on a specific shelf near the check out. I find it entertaining in itself - besides the menagerie on the windowsill and the fact that there are almost always cookies. ;)
Trail-walking with Mum. It was a hot day for May - but Frisco/Scull Creek is my favorite trail regardless of the temperature. It wends through trees and through town and along a set of railroad tracks... visually interesting, and providing lots of photographic opportunities.
My parents --- are adorable.
Painting porch rails at Compassion House. Mercy (yellow shirt) was an excellent painter - Maria (blue shorts) had more the skill level one would expect from a 6 year old and turned herself and anyone near her into a Smurf. But it was for a good cause and we had fun at it. :)
Lighting the candles in a Pop Tart birthday cake (that is, layers of s'more and cookies'n'cream Pop Tarts with chocolate frosting between) before springing it on Ruby at her work. Fun times. :)

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