Monday, May 2, 2011


This week was a flood - of water, of emotion, of happenings.
Water first. This is the field by my house - there were beavers swimming around in it. It was probably ten or more feet deep in places, but it went down pretty quickly (once it finally stopped raining)
Yarn from Claudia Handpaints to design with. Lots of lovely linen is a magnificent thing to get in the mail. ::drool::
I keep telling myself how much the rain will be appreciated once summer's dryness comes - and distracting myself by taking art-shots of it. That helps, too.
Shelves upon shelves, rows upon rows and several floors ---- of books. Now that's something I'll gladly drown in.
Light play doesn't have anything to do with inundation of any kind - but it's preeetty. :) I did find out Friday that I get to teach classes at the local Jo Ann craft store, so that was exciting at anyrate.
Working with that linen and waiting to go to Compassion House. Feet on the headrest/shoulders on the steering wheel is actually remarkably comfortable (as long as your head doesn't accidentally contact the horn).
The inexorable march of Time cannot be stopped. May has arrived and after it, June and Summer. I can't believe I've been doing this photography project for almost a year...

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