Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stitches South

As a result of my internship at Fine Points in Cleveland last summer, I got to work at their booth at Stitches South in Atlanta Georgia. On Tuesday, I drove as far as Tennessee and stayed with my grandparents just past Memphis. Wednesday I finished my drive to Atlanta and helped with set up. We had 3 booth spaces for our store (yarn, clothing and jewelry) and it was Liz (the owner), Susan, Claudia (who owns Claudia Handpainted Yarns) and me. We worked til 6, then stopped for the night.
Thursday we had until 5pm to finish setting up before the floor was open for 3 hours. It was a good trial run.
Friday and Saturday were both 8 hours of extreme busyness, working with customers. We wore clothes from the booth to help sell patterns --- it worked.
Sunday I wandered and analyzed booths. Kitchen Sink Dyeworks did (in my opinion) the best with a single booth space - and it was eye catching, to boot.
Hiya Hiya let people sit and knit to see if they liked their knitting needles, and bribed them with cute buttons and adorable stitch markers. I stopped to chat since it was so slow and had a lovely conversation with the girl who was working their booth.
Eat Sleep Knit is an Atlanta knit shop that essentially set up their shop on the show floor. It's not practical for every one, but it was very appealing.
In the Making took a leaf from Ysolde Teague's book and festooned their booth with color coordinating displays, tiny pennants and other finishing touches.
Sanguine Gryphon is owned by Gryphon and she fully embraces equivocation on her name. While I believe she dresses this way on a daily basis, her team were in full costume working under a red and gold tent. She had appropriate music playing, and it was incredibly appealing (as well as highly visible from a distance).
The show floor closed at 4, and we spent the next 3 hours packing up.
Now I'm homeward bound. Hopefully I'll be working for Claudia at TNNA's Yarn Market in June, but that'll be my next big yarn-related adventure.

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