Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mustache - Goods and Wears

On grey days when I've nothing to do, I find something pretty to take pictures of - and if it's a friendly local business that I can promote, all the better. :)
Meet The Mustache, an adorable new shop located on the Fayetteville Square.
Brian and Ashley have a drool-worthy selection of shoes (or at least I found it drool worthy - it is entirely possible that I have a shoe fetish, though) and some cool local artwork.
There was also a treasure-trove of what I generally refer to as "fun stuff" --- jewelry, bacon-scented soap, photo paddles (I may need some of those at some point - oh, to be able to superimpose a magnificent handlebar 'stache onto any photographable object!) and the like.
T-shirts, too - super soft, super comfy and super cute. The whole shop exuded eclectic fun.
I had a grand time snapping pictures - it's a great little shop. I wish them luck, and hope that they go over well. Hunt them up on Facebook, @shopthestache on Twitter or explore their website while you wait impatiently for an opportunity to stop by. :)

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