Sunday, April 10, 2011

Calm Before the Storm

'Twas a (relatively) relaxing week preceding a very busy one.
The Jimmy John's delivery guy was waiting for an opening in traffic that would allow him to swoosh smoothly onto the trail (it worked - spectacularly). Also - he has drink pockets on the back of his shirt. That is completely awesome.
The UofA Students in Free Enterprise raised money for a good cause by doing our work for us. All we had to do was run the register and tell them (repeatedly) not to touch food with their bare hands. And laugh. We did that a lot too.
I understand why there are Army boots slung over the power lines just outside military bases. On the same logic, might these running shoes at the end of a trail be so placed because their wearer had just won (or at least completed, which is a feat in itself) a marathon? I choose to believe so.
Adam stretching canvas over a frame he built for Kara. Stephen commissioned her to do a painting for his new office at UBC --- I had no idea that carpentry/manual labour were involved in painting. 'Twas a fascinating process to watch.
My playing piece of choice for Star Trek Monopoly was a Vulcan harp. I outlasted the phaser, but was bested by both the transporter and the captain's chair. (I realize this is the second Spock reference I've had on here in two weeks - in defense of my comparative normalcy, the board game didn't belong to me, nor did I select it ;)
Off-roading on a hike. There was a perfectly lovely marked paved trail 15 feet behind me - but I was lured by the siren call of a rushing stream (the sight of a beautiful but rather large water moccasin sent me back to the path - I like snakes, but prefer to avoid interaction with venomous ones).
And finally, a soothing sentiment to begin a busy week. Right now I'm in a packing frenzy, getting ready to head for Atlanta on Tuesday to help Fine Points and Claudia Handpaints with their booth at Stitches South. Should be an adventure!

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