Sunday, March 13, 2011

Go Forth

Some nights after I get off work, I go by and see Adam at his work (he's the Assistant General Manager at a hotel). That'll stop now, though, since this was my last week at Maggie Moo's.
I snuck a photo of a newspaper photographer at the library. :) I'd really like a camera like that...
UBC's basketball tournament - this is UBC Staff playing the Free Agents (Staff won by a narrow margin :) I'm not a sports person, but I can get a lot of knitting done at a basketball game.
The Fayetteville Public Library(which is where I'll work starting Monday)'s summer reading program is global themed, so I made a bookmark based on the hats the Uru people of Peru wear. (And photographed it on Antonio Pigafetta's chronicle of Magellan's circumnavigation of the world.)
At UBC's All Night Women's Fellowship. We played Never Have I Ever at 2am - it was incredibly fun. You learn a lot about people, and it's a grand excuse to elbow people mercilessly and run around screaming.
In Mae's vintage boutique on the corner of Lafayette and West. 'Tis an adorable but exceedingly dangerous shop to visit. How could I resist a stick pin of my favorite flower?
Mum texting at the UBC basketball tournament. For some reason, the image entertained me.
Also (this has come up several times, so I'm addressing it) - none of my photos have been edited in any way (I own Photoshop but never use it). Everything I do, I do with the camera... it's kind of a game. :)


Ann said...

No fair! You get to work at the library? Too cool. (Also, boo on 'those people' for not re-hiring you. Their loss.)

Sarah Jo Mosbeck said...

I am a page now (funny - I've done this as a volunteer for a third of my life, and now I get paid for it. How often does that happen?)