Sunday, March 20, 2011

Of Books and Children

'Twas a busy week. :) I took this in the breakroom at the Library - I liked the blue of the chairs and the green of the pines in the background.
My cousins from Texas came up for spring break, and we made gooblek. Cornstarch-and-water slime was a smash hit --- all over Grandma's porch. It was especially satisfying to get a good handful of it and then give someone a high-five ;)
Mum and Lauren and Brooke swinging in the sunset. It's a wonderful feeling to be outside barefooted without a jacket and not feel like you're going to freeze.
An Everyone-Wear-My-Favorite-Color Day display at the Library, with Kathy greenly working in the background. I love working somewhere that's so conducive toward photography...
Playing cards make excellent projectiles --- an entire deck of playing cards is, therefore, 52 times better than a single card (although, a rapid-fire sequence can be a better attack than all of them at once). The only problem is, now your opponent has all the ammo ;)
Even at the end of a long day at work, Adam still finds time and patience for kids. The Clouds swarmed him and they all played Sorry 'til it was time for them to (reluctantly) go to bed.
My current favorite photography angle seems to be taking pictures of myself that look like someone else took them. Mum and Dad and I spent a Sunday evening hiking in Bella Vista - it was a lovely little trail, with bridges and a waterfall --- I love bridges (the thought of a narrow track joining two shores appeals to me) and water is such a soothing element to be near (though I can do without getting wet).
Next week is Spring Break for everyone else - I wonder what it holds for me?

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