Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Shots

First up - food. :) A red velvet Razorback cupcake from Bliss. I lurve red velvet and I lurve Bliss. :)
Spring has sprung! (sort of...) A teeny tiny bud in my backyard. I almost stepped on it - but I didn't.
A showing of Riot Studios' film Beware of Christians at the U of A. There were two showings and about 700 people total showed up. I went to the first showing after church Wednesday with some friends from UBC. It was deeply fascinating.
A message written on the pavement of the Lake Fayetteville trail. It didn't look like it was painted... I'd kind of like to know what it was written with. I amused Rae by stopping our walk to sit on the ground and take pictures.
One of my dog tags and one of Adam's that he gave me - the background is a photo I took of us while we were watching Terminator Salvation (I was given a choice between that and a rom-com chick flick - it was a no-brainer ;) at his parents' house that's currently my laptop wallpaper.
I saw this posted on a bulletin board. It was such an improvement on the random take-a-number causes and ads that I had to take a picture - and it's so true!
There was a Tic-Tac-Toe tournament at the All College Lunch at UBC. I won at my table, but was promptly beaten by a superior strategy in the third round (I did, at least, learn from my loss).
I have a slightly unpredictably busy week ahead. Bring it on! :)


Ann said...

what is Beware of Christians about?

Sarah Jo Mosbeck said...

American-Dream Christianity, and how the early church *was called Christian* instead of naming themselves such. So, actually being different instead of just saying you were.