Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life as I Know it

Mum and Dad goin' for a walk - they're so sweet together. :)
I went on a field trip to Stringtown in Fort Smith with the Tuesday morning Knit n Nosh group - this is be-a-ootiful hand painted spindle that I succumbed to.
Eating at Village Inn after Gathering (for me) and Gate (for Adam) on Wednesday night - potato pancakes make him a happy Adam.
We went to a 4-and-12 year olds' birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He kidnapped a middle sibling's hat to see how long it would take her to notice. Her first comment once she did was "don't you know boys don't wear pink?" Funny --- him wearing pink was what prompted the snarky comment from me that initially brought us together. :)
Arachne - a design in progress. I'm using some yarn I've had stashed for over a year, waiting for a worthy project.
The mixing slab at work normally gets an even layer of frost over it as the day progresses - this time it decided to be a little more creative.
At a going-away party for Brant at the Bader's. Adam held Eva so her daddy could play carpetball. She was content to let him hold her while she watched - he is so good with kids...
I had a busy week - and next week is lining up to be rather hectic. We'll see. :)

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