Thursday, February 3, 2011

Color Play and Self Reflection

My wannabe newspaper photographer bent coming out in a vintage-esque shot of the snow we got...
Me waiting in the car leads to self-portraits that don't look like self-portraits.
Adam brought me tea from Sri Lanka, so I made a Scrabble Tile necklace from one of the tags. (I used an "A" of course :)
I got to work a little early, so rather than go ahead in I sat in the car and played with my camera.
UBC's All College Bonfire at the Bader's. The fire was so huge he got out a back hoe to shift it. The flying sparks that ensued were spectacular.
I reorganized my closet, arranging my stash on the shelf and my clothes hanging under it in rainbow order. Yes, I'm weird. But it's pretty now. :)
Peggy, my friend from Cleveland, sewed me an Amy Butler skirt in exchange for knitting her a pair of socks. Because she's awesome that way, and while I am a confident knitter I'm iffier in the area of sewing.
There's a busy snowy week ahead!

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