Thursday, February 17, 2011


I see him on a daily basis and take lots of pictures, so why not have him be my photography project for the week? (I told him that and he was slightly disturbed but finally concluded that if taking pictures of him made me happy then I was free to do so without complaint from him.)
We spent a chunk of Valentine's Day at the library. He alternated between a book on Constantine and a manual for his truck, and I read the Song of Roland. It was incredibly nice.
After both confessing to still enjoying coloring, we decided that some time (once it gets warmer) we should take our crayons to the park for an afternoon.
God blessed me with a boyfriend who cheerfully accepted not seeing me before church because I was serving in the kitchen, and was late afterwards because he was helping out with the kiddos.
On the topic of serving, we (primarily him, but I wasn't completely useless) helped his mom at Second Mile - he was modifying a shelf (without safety glasses or a sawhorse, of course, because those are for sissies).
On the topic of blessings, it is incredibly nice to have someone with whom to talk about Real Things (which we did today) but also be able to make merciless fun of a movie with.
Whenever we go anywhere, we usually take my car. He fits - barely, and only if the steering wheel is tilted up and the seat is all the way back and partially reclined (and I thought I was a Marshwiggle).
Another great thing is that we can be useful together. We spent an afternoon at his parents' addressing and stuffing envelopes with a report on his mission trip to Sri Lanka. (I got caught taking that picture, and since he was keeping count I was forbidden to take any more since I had "all the pictures I needed for the week." Guess I'll have to work on my stealth photo-snapping skills ;)

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