Sunday, January 30, 2011

This and That

When I was 6, I put a note in my Dad's lunch box. I sealed it with a Lisa Frank sticker (it was, after all, 1996) and dear sweet dad that he is, he stuck the sticker inside his lunch box... where it remains, 15 years later. Happy birthday to the best Dad --- ever!
Three huge crosses stand in front of a church in Rogers - I look at them every time I drive by. They're a striking and beautiful boost to my little faith, especially on grey days.
Adam is such a tidy and meticulous painter, he wasn't even using masking tape. I, on the other hand, was coated from my hair to my tennis shoes. He also had an uncanny ability to know exactly how much paint it was going to take for each room...
Snow day for the school kids, work day for me. Someone threw a snow ball at the window at work - my coworker felt compelled to do the same.
After his cousins got out a puzzle and put about 2 pieces put together, they switched to play dough - leaving Adam to finish the puzzle alone. I'm sure it was distracted little-kidness, and not anything personal (like him beating them at Go Fish).
2010 'Vette, license plate number "BATMOBL." I concur.
A nice Sunday afternoon at Arsaga's with dad, looking back over the morning's sermon.
All in all, another anything-but-average week. :)

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