Sunday, January 9, 2011

Proof I Did Stuff

A brief look at stuff I did this week.
I laughed at the "funny" things Taco Bell puts on their sauce packs. My favorite of the new ones is "Don't throw me under a bus."
I tried to take a picture of Oin and I, with little success. A lot of very blurry shots were discarded, since he didn't really get the whole picture taking thing.
I went to church, and did something I've never done before: took a photo during church. Everyone was singing, and it was such an amazing moment of worship that I felt it needed to be captured and saved.
I ran errands with Mum and we ate at a Long John Silver's with classic car ads on their walls. The "GTO: a flying machine for people who can't stand heights" one was awesome, but nothing can beat a 'Vette.
I discovered fabulous Japanese tape at Riff Raff (yes, tape). Thus far, I've stuck it on my guitar with a chord progression Sharpied on it, and used it for book-binding. I'm sure there are other uses as well, and I'm planning to go back for more in a different color. :) (Hey, when I find something I like I advertise it. For example...)
I also found new music that makes me happy. As a rule I dislike the live music at Arsaga's (I can think of a few exceptions) but this guy was good. Kinda Jason Mraz/John Mayer/Jack Johnson all-rolled-up-together (but with his own personal twist), and I like all of them. So I'm blogging to I Wanna Be and hoping he writes more and I can get ahold of it.
I took an art shot of art. Because any ability I have lies in composition as opposed to creation. And sanded aluminum makes for a very pretty picture. :) Exciting week ahead - I can't wait to take pictures of it!

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