Sunday, January 2, 2011

Old and New

A week of doing things. :)
Once, while I was watching NASCAR and knitting, a friend informed me that I must be a cat because I "liked playing with string and watching brightly colored objects move in rapid circles." Add the guitar strings to that, and she may have a point. Disclaimer: the purchase of guitar strings does not in any way imply that I can actually play a guitar.
Blurry - but fun rarely holds still, and some things are more important than a perfect photo. It was suggested that I crash a youth skating party, and I ended up being assistant adult supervision. :) Ice skating with a bunch of other girls is exceedingly fun.
Mall, movie and coffee afterwards with Rae. It's a good itinerary - and one we reuse often.
Mum, Dad and I ended 2010 with an epic air hockey tournament. I lost spectacularly - the champion ended up being Mum. :)
This was intended to be a last photo of Old Main all lit up. Because Boston decided to have a long pause followed by a thudding beat, it ended up shaking the camera and creating candy canes from otherwise boring street lights.
Yup, an art shot. Taking normal pictures was not on my list of New Year's resolutions. This is a fan at the Springdale Arsaga's. It's colossal - the blades look like they're made from small airplane wings.

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