Monday, January 17, 2011

Mostly People

A week of moving targets. :) First up - Dad and his amazing shades.
This stopped moving to be photographed - 3 projects I'm currently working on. I'm not a blue person, but these were all started 6 months apart and I'm working on them simultaneously now.
Playing Wahoo with Dad and Mum. I challenged Dad that a particular marble of mine would get home before a particular marble of his did; I won the battle but ultimately lost the war.
The comfortable chairs at Arsaga's. For some odd reason, no one's sitting in them.
Me - and my camera - and a mirror - and my iPod - and the music of the person I lent it to. Because they have excellent taste in music. :)
Wahoo has another name in other homes: Aggravation. And I can't win either. (And thanks to Adam for taking a good pic :)
Maggie Moo's work Christmas party, several weeks late. I got two strikes - but still came in tied for 4th out of 6.
There's an exciting week ahead - hopefully I'll remember to take pictures of it!

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