Monday, December 27, 2010


The last few weeks have been so busy I kinda missed a few days on my photography project. So here's a summary, and a New Year's resolution to do better in the days to come. This is Kiara, Jack and Lucius. I went walking at Lake Fayetteville with some friends, one of whom kindly lent me a dog to walk, since Oin's getting old and has legs too short to enjoy a 5.5 mile trail. (Also, credit where credit is due - I didn't take this picture.) Classic randomness. This is actually inside a Jimmy John's - I imagine the bike must belong to employee. It looked so perfect leaned against the brick wall. I love the moon. I love that it's a big round boring rock, that somehow manages to affect water and things on Earth, and that it reflects light. So it was totally worth it to me to stay up til 3am to watch a winter solstice eclipse. Slightly blurred, but it's hard to take a focused photo when you're laughing. This is me and mini-me, my cousin Lauren. She was here from Dallas for Christmas. Lauren, her little sister Brooke and I did manicures. Brooke chose pink sparkles, Lauren went with classic silver - and for me they chose blue and green. I suppose that's what I get for letting a 6 year old and a 9 year old pick my colors ;) Mum and I took Lauren and Brooke roller skating. Lauren and I toyed with going backwards, and Brooke was inspired to dance after watching the shuffle skaters. They're both really good, and we had a grand Sunday afternoon. I love skating - it's like flying. And finally, the photographer for the first picture, Adam, and I. He left this morning for a two week mission trip to Sri Lanka and some friends and relatives had gathered to see the team off. I guess this will be my last post for 2010 - I wonder what 2011 holds?

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