Sunday, December 5, 2010

Near and Far

My week was the usual mish-mash. :) A (slightly) blurry shot of Old Main at night. I love how understated the lights are, with them just outlining the building. It adds to it, I think. Little clay doves, topping a pair of knitting needles at Hand Held. I've messed with clay, but the thought of doing something that small with it is somewhat incomprehensible to me. Driving to UBC of a sunset evening I spotted this church steeple and veered off into a parking lot to take a picture. I thoroughly confused the guys working in the pizza place I stopped in front of. Shiny pretty! (I am such a magpie, and I have ADOS: Attention Deficit Ooh, Shiny!) Ennyhoo, they're made from twisted wire. Simple, yet fabulous. I spent Friday and Saturday on Mount Magazine at the Arkansas Knitting and Spinning Extravaganza. I was supposed to be a vendor but my merchandise got lost in the mail so I ended up helping a friend at her booth. Crow and Juliann had a booth for their hand spun, and knitted and woven things, and 'Nelle had one for her yarn shop (on the other side of the wall of hand spun - that's the one I helped out at). They're a bad influence - they got me spinning. Yeah. A supported drop spindle, and a wee small hank of 2-ply that I spun on it. Just what I need... a hobby that takes time away from knitting while creating more yarn. ;)

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Serina said...

Yay Spinning's getting you!