Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Light and Music

Two things I'm very fond of. :) Sidewalk art in front of Sound Warehouse. I love sidewalk art - you can do really cool things with chalk, but it's so transient. Singing Christmas carols together at UBC's Tacky Christmas Sweater party. It's so nice to be somewhere that everyone isn't trying to undersing the person nearest them - and somewhere that nice chatty people are. :) A flickering fire is a fabulous thing when you get in from walking a dog from an outdoors with a negative-something windchill. Whizzing past a home well-decorated for Christmas. I need to try to get a picture of the blazing show my grandpa puts out... I'd have to go across the street to get all of it, though. :) A perfect cold weather activity (I think) is baking cookies. Bales of hay on a windswept hill. It looks all Charlotte-Bronte because I managed an angle that didn't show the surrounding power lines. FPL had the Ozark Handbell Ensemble do a concert on Sunday afternoon. I've wanted to go every year they've had them, and every year I've had to work or been out of town. But this year I finally managed it, and Mum went with me. It was amazing.

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Hannah said...

Merry Christmas Sarah Jo!
May your Christmas be filled with joy.
God bless you!

Your Friend,