Sunday, November 28, 2010

Things That Crossed my Path, Many of Them Reflective

Ah, yes. This is a week late. But you see, last week was a holiday, and I was sick, and the rest of the week I worked. Meh. However, here 'tis though late I be. This was taken while looking straight up from a story below ground in a parking garage. Isn't it said that if you're at bottom of a well, even at midday, you'll still see the stars? A Cama-aro :) and a small part of the University reflected in its shiny paint. Shiny dark blue paint - with white racing stripes. The late afternoon sun shining through the window made a teeny tiny rainbow on this acrylic chair. I love prisms! I went to a piano recital by Sergio Tiempo at the University with a couple girls from UBC. He's an amazing pianist, and I think we all had a grand time. I couldn't agree more with this sign, posted in Burger Life. Dad washing the truck. He noticed I had my camera out and kept deliberately squirting the windows with soap and water to obstruct my view. He and I went to a movie and ate Starbursts on Sunday afternoon, then went for coffee. Usually I knit during movies but I didn't have any projects going that could be done without looking so I made a candy-wrapper chain instead. :) All in all, 'twas a fine week.

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