Thursday, November 4, 2010

People Doing Things

Right. I wish I had a magnificent excuse for posting late this week. Like, "I've been on a walking tour of Scotland and internet's really spotty there" or something similarly fabulous, but I don't. So without further ado: There's a lot going on at this intersection. I don't know what everyone else was doing - but I was going to work. Tuesday morning Knit n Noshers at the library, taken from the library's spiral staircase. Drink coffee, eat scones, knit, talk - and whenever someone thinks of a book they've read that's good, we can all go check it out. :) Charlie Brown and the Pac Attack (that should be the name of a band...) at University Baptist Church's yearly Runway event. I was boring and didn't go in costume - but I very much enjoyed seeing everyone else's. Knit Night at Hand Held. I love the concept of using coffee cans to display cowls. Mum and I spent a day shopping in Eureka Springs. There were lots of people doing things, but the employee at Romancing the Stone was good-natured enough to pose so I didn't have to kinnear him. (The mustache was stuck-on colored cardboard) OK, this one I did have to kinnear - Mum and the barista at Arsaga's. I happened to get off work earlier than expected, so we went for chai (and a movie from Blockbuster. She was self-sacrificing and agreed to my fantasy suggestion of Stardust). I love this hill. It has a lovely view. And I have a secret mad desire to coast down it and see how fast I could get by the bottom. It would have to be done at one in the morning when no one was out... and preferably in someone else's car, as I'm rather attached to my own. ;) [Postscript: I realized I used a kind of made-up word twice in this post. Kinnear. It means "to take a picture without holding up the camera and looking like you're taking a picture" and was coined by another knitter when she was trying to snap a pic of the actor Greg Kinnear while in line at an airport. Now, I dare you to use it this week!]

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