Sunday, November 14, 2010

Favorite Things

I'm typing this while listening to a classic rock radio station out of Cleveland and pondering the challenge I set for myself last week - to take pix of my favorite things. This represents a few of them: Rows of bliss. Books are definitely high on the List. This is a very small portion of the Dickson Street Used and Out-of-print Bookstore. It's not quite as good as Loganberry - but it does have more books. Which makes it great for escapism, but incredibly annoying if you're looking for something in particular. Knit night at JR's combines several faves: knitting, nachos, music and friends. ;) Taylor (left) and Leslie (right) head up the meetings. I perch on an ottoman and knit and sip a Coke and kidnap everyone else's nachos (because 'napping nachos is so much more fun than having my own). Dad and Mum are at the top of the List, but I couldn't corner them sitting down next to each other til Wednesday. And I'm not fond of the "everyone smile and look at the camera" set up. Spontaneity is the way to go, in my opinion. Chai from the library Arsaga's (Daniel makes it best). So that combines chai, Arsaga's and books again. (I swear I don't live at Arsaga's, despite appearances. It just offers so many great photo ops...) This is another combination of favorites: music and doing-weird-things-with-a-camera. Pictured are the keys on Mum's piano and some of my sheet music. To me, music falls instead of marching, so in order to play it I have to translate it into my own code first. The weird effect on the picture was done entirely with the camera - amazing what you can do with the "manual" setting. I told Oin that if he would pose for me, then I'd give him a treat. He's really good at if/then, so this is his idea of posing. (I gave him a bit of venison from the deer Dad was butchering in the garage. I don't think he'd ever had it, but he offered to pose some more so I'd guess he liked it ;) Finally, a fedora. I love hats in general, but fedoras are the best. And it seemed especially appropriate with my current what's-the-lowest-quality-photo-I-can-get-from-a-decent-digital-camera quest. I strongly suspect that's what next week will be devoted to. (Weird photography, not fedoras. Although...)

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Serina said...

Fedora-love is a good thing