Thursday, November 11, 2010

Climb Every Mountain

I really enjoy living in the mountains. If I had to live somewhere flat (this belief doesn't apply if there's a large body of water nearby) I think I'd literally go crazy. It's interesting to see what's over the next hill - to come up out of a valley and rise above the early morning fog - to be at the bottom of a tree-lined bowl... Another advantage to living in the mountains is that you can get a really good view from a 2 story building as long as it's on a high spot. The Underwood Plaza parking garage is 3 or 4 stories high and offers a magnificent view of Old Main. The library - from inside the library. The ground slopes off steeply on the other side of the building but the front had a more interesting view. The big off-white building is University Baptist Church, where I've been going Wednesday evenings. Thus far, I like it. The Fayetteville Square. I was walking along, and looked up to see an ungated flight of stairs. So I went up them. And took pix. This building is the one I took Saturday's picture from (so read on ;) Driving home from work I spotted this crow, so I pulled off into a parking lot across the street in an attempt to capture the moment. (That rarely works - it's like animals know you want to take their picture so they leave.) He obligingly stayed put, though. I bet he had an awesome view... The last Farmer's Market of the season. The veggies have stopped coming in and there's a bite to the breeze - but the Market will be back in April. I made a remarkable discovery this week. If you march into a building like you belong there, carrying a camera and a notebook, and head with confidence to the nearest elevator - no one will stop you or ask what you're doing. (Why must tall buildings always be devoted to offices?)

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Ann said...

"Walk like you look like you know where you're going, and no one will bother you." It's part skill and part talent; you can develop it a little bit but only if you don't suck to begin with. I suck to begin with. Guess you don't : p.