Monday, October 18, 2010


This is a week of Things. First on the list: a water bottle. I got one just like this at the Cleveland Zoo and inadvertently destroyed it. Since it will no longer hold water I'm using it to hold change. But because my Mum is The Awesome, she found a replacement. :) Knit night at JR's (that's my knitting, the table leg, and Colleen's knitting bag in the floor). The picture's a bit blurred because I was perched on a squishy ottoman and nearly fell off backwards just as I took the picture. Oin is supposed to stay out of the kitchen - except that his concept of "out" is that one hind toe is touching the carpet. I guess it's hard to stay out when bacon's cooking... A Monarch butterfly on Mum's butterfly bush. I guess it's getting ready to fly to Mexico for the winter - I wonder if it'll make it in time for Dia de los Muertos? I've decided I should be a reviewer or a critic of some sort. Because any time I find something I like, I blog about it and tell everyone I meet that they need it (whatever it is). For example: root beer. I love root beer, but I'm incredibly picky about it. This guy was at the Bella Vista craft fair, and I must say that was the best root beer I've ever had. :d Yarns on Stage at Hand Held. I'm reasonably certain this one's Twisted Sisters... whatever it is, it's pretty sock yarn on a table with other pretty sock yarns, all in limited-edition colors that won't be made again. Give me a bottle and I'll take picture of or through it. This is Dad at the kitchen table, as viewed through the neck of (what else?) a root beer bottle. One busy week passed, and another to come. Good thing my camera survived being slammed in the truck door...

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