Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This was a week of finding things. First, there was the heart-shaped rock embedded in the foundation of the new Elkins Public Library. Then there's the manhole cover in front of the Fayetteville Public Library. It was copper when they put it in - now it's oxidized into malachite. There were the lovely leaves on a maple tree on Mountain Street. Only the one branch has changed - the rest of the tree is green. Then, a manhole cover on Center Street. Every time I have to cross Center I walk across at that spot so I can admire the pretty. The foreground is a hamster eraser I discovered while cleaning. The background is a paused image from the first season (I think - been catching up, and it might have been the second season) of Fringe. It was an utter fluke that Peter happened to end up looking at the giant hamster. Someone ninja-confettied a car in the parking lot at work - there's hearts scattered all over the parking lot. They also wrote "Just Married" on every. single. window. with shoe polish. The last found item is... my camera. It did an excellent job hiding itself behind a couch cushion for a day or so. Mum and Dad organized a search and discovered it - huzzah! October marches on - and I need to go take pictures of it!

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