Monday, October 4, 2010

The Color Green

A celebration of my favorite color. :)


Sun shining through a hickory leaf.

Whoever owns this vehicle (A Scion XD) goes to Haas Hall, so when I go to work I see it. I couldn't resist taking a picture - it's such a lovely color. The middle section of the photo is the most accurate representation.


Bikes Blues and Barbecue kicked off Wednesday. Visiting Dickson Street yielded many photo ops, since Dad was kind enough to give me a ride on the back of his Honda VTX. (Sadly, it is red so it didn't make this week's lineup) The flames on this bike were chameleon - green from some angles, bronze from others.


So... much... sparkle...

Whoever owns this bike likes green as much as do :)

I'm not a fan of three-wheelers, but this one was so unique I couldn't resist.

And finally, Mum has these really cool polka-dot water glasses. The others are orange, but there's a solitary green one - I like it. So, there was my very green week. I wonder what next week holds?

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