Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Armed and Dangerous

I have a camera and I know how to use it! (Well, not really. Sometime I'd like to take a class, maybe. But you know what I mean) This is what me blogging looks like. Sittin' at the kitchen table in the sun, doing a final review before I hit [publish post]. Didn't stop me from leaving one of the photos out anyway... This tower has stood off 6th Street for as long as I can remember - but on this rainy Tuesday I noticed they were knocking it down. So, last chance to snap a photo of it. Lots of pretty from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. The limited-edition colorway that I ordered - and a button and sample skein for the fun of it. I made a mini-shawl with my blue KSD, and I'm using it as a bookmark in a good book. Peril on the Sea is Christian historical fiction about World War II. (Be warned - it's the first in an ongoing series and is incredibly open-ended. But still well worth reading :) Car washes take an extraordinarily long time. Good thing I had my camera handy. ;) This is the view of the Days Inn behind the car-wash as seen through the spot-free rinse. The wax is normally entertainingly tie-dyed, but it was running low that day. Perhaps next time... This is one of Taylor Sutton's pieces for the Ozark Couture fashion show at the Fayetteville Underground. I do love fashion shows - especially ones involving knitting. :) Alone at night with a camera - yeah. Light and darkness fascinate me, as does the fact that a camera "sees" differently than I do. This pic is me making a fist around a flashlight. 'Til next week!

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