Monday, September 20, 2010

Up Close and Arbitrary

The result of an over-fondness for the micro setting. :)


Behold my uneven stitches. I haven't done much hand sewing - but I like it.


Eyes interest me. So much can be expressed with them, and they're so infinitely useful. That said, it is exceedingly hard to keep your eye open with a camera 2 inches away.


I disrupted Oin's repose to snap this shot. He has an amazing sense for when someone gets close to him with a camera.


Teeny tiny mushrooms in our back yard. The cap of the largest was smaller than a dime. Fairy umbrellas!


I tagged along with my grandparents to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins in Texas over the weekend. Lauren (who's 9) taught us how to play Bananagrams.


Fun way to start a Saturday: sittin' on the couch with Lauren and Brooke, knitting (that would be Lauren and I - Brooke was bouncing on a mini trampoline) and watching Project Runway.


The last 6 were up close, now here's arbitrary. Grandpa sitting in the front seat, reflected in the back window, as we go through the tunnel between Fort Smith and Fayetteville. Hence the appearance of going into warp. :) Between travel and other stuff, I kept busy last week. What does next week hold?

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Sam L. said...

I'm just starting embroidery, I totally commiserate about uneven stitches. Your work looks great! (This is Sam from PiPN btw).