Sunday, September 12, 2010


A week of whatever-happened-to-wander-into-camera-range. :)


This is my first attempt at two-at-time socks, and I must say that while it's not as difficult as I thought it might be, Melissa Morgan-Oakes' book 2-at-a-time Socks has been an invaluable aide. I'm using Ariel Altaras' Garnish pattern (again. Cuz it's awesome)


Fayetteville Public Library has their children's section divided into 4 elements. The chairs in Fire have little dragons cut out of the backs. This, therefore, is the view out the library window as seen through a dragon.


I'm sure I thoroughly weirded out the owner of this car, because as he was walking up I know he saw me leaning on the trunk taking a picture of the back tail light. From the driver's side he couldn't see the walking stick bug.


While I'm not any good at it and am frequently frustrated by it, I still attempt sewing on occasion. Very rare occasion, as evinced by the grungy condition of my machine.


A large window, a dark night and a street light. Irresistible! Oh, and that's the finished bag I was working on in the previous picture. It's a Lexie Barnes pattern that was fun and amazingly non-frustrating.


Awesome way to spend a Saturday - Blue Man Group concert at the Walton Arts Center with Trish. We laughed and clapped and had a generally awesome time.


Demonstrating the absolute reach of the zoom on my camera (not half bad) - an early bird. He got to the wire before the rest of his flock thereby missing out on the squabble. Now - I wonder what this week holds?

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