Saturday, September 11, 2010


Right. So, I've been a bit busy (combined with procrastination and a desire to do nothing but sleep) so this is kinda late. *sheepish grin*

One thing long road trips are good for is finishing projects. ;)

I hit the ground running. The Tuesday morning Knit 'n' Noshers had a field trip to the fair to check out the exhibits and ooh over the fuzzy. Baby bunnies are so cute!


Oin was glad to see me when I got home, but just then he was really interested in what the neighbors were grilling.


Knit along for Ariel Altaras' sock pattern Garnish. I love the geometric nature of the lace pattern.


September is the perfect time to gather around a small fire and toast marshmallows (or torch them, if you're my Dad)


A tractor at the Clothes Line Fair.


A tradition reinstated: a Sunday afternoon drive with Dad, ending at Arsaga's. :)


Ann said...

omgomg what yarn is in the top pic? i looove that color.

i'm also plotting to take that geometricy sock pattern and just re-appropriate it for like some wrist warmers or something. dnw to knit socks but that pattern is neato \o/

Sarah Jo Mosbeck said...

The yarn is Malabrigo, I think I've got the color number on my Ravelry project page...

pendie said...

What cute bun buns! It's nice you can enjoy spending time with your dad; I'm sure he treasures it