Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Right. So, I do actually do stuff at the Studio besides take pictures of wholly unrelated things. :) I also admire, pet and sniff yarn (what? Bluefaced Leicester smells different than Merino)...

This is from Sanguine Gryphon. I also go on postal runs. There was apparently a knitter at the post office, but she (or he) wasn't knitting in the prodigious line.


I also knit swatches for Shannon's fall collection. There's a knitting cooperative in South America that's going to do the samples to be photographed - but they need swatches to work off of.


Does any of this look "pale beige" to you? Yeah, me neither. But the customer was insistent that there was some, and the customer is always right, right? (Taken with a camera phone)


All those trips to the post office? This is what's getting mailed - Shannon's new book. Stamp the envelope, sticker the envelope, stuff the book in the envelope, put the envelope in a box with 20 others like it and tote them to the post office. Repeat about twice a week. It's an awesome book - you need one if you don't have a copy yet.


A wait-and-see for the Fall Collection. It's inside out, but it's still kinda pretty.

I have no idea who Guy Trinetti is, or why his name is on this plaque, but it's embedded in a sidewalk near where I'm staying and it intrigues me deeply.


So there's that. Two more weeks!

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Ann said...

Googling "guy trinetti cleveland oh" got me http://www.thecityofcleveland.com/excavating/ so maybe that company did some work there?