Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Week in Cleveland

Last week at the Studio! Here's a window open to let the cool breeze in. I've gotten used to the weather here - Arkansas's heat and humidity aren't gonna be fun. At least fall is coming soon.

Peering into the industrial elevator. It looks like a barrier one would watch nuclear experiments from behind...


A fallen relic of the first day of school. Unsharpened pencils are awesome, but I think my favorite was always new erasers.


Leave me alone on a train platform with a camera during a sunset and I'll play with lens flare.


We spent our last day at Shannon's dying yarn and socks blanks. Only knitters think it's a party to dye. ;)


Mum and Dad got here Saturday, so we drove around Cleveland and ended up at Lake Erie. I love large bodies of water - so peaceful.


Driving home. There was a lovely sunset over Illinois. (or maybe it was lovely because Illinois is before Missouri which touches Arkansas...)


Now I'm home, home, home! I had a fantastic summer - but it's good to be back.

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