Monday, August 2, 2010


It occurred to me that I call this blog "Sarah Jo Knits" and rarely talk about knitting. Let's fix that! So here's a scarf I've been working on for a month and finally finished. Linen stitch is lovely but slow, as are scarves knit longways. Four... hundred... fifty... stitches... every... single... row.


An as-yet unidentified project I'm working on for Shannon:


Shibui Sock yarn in Wasabi, on a chair at the Shaker Public Library. It started pouring rain as soon as we got there, so we were stuck. (How tragic! Trapped in a House of Books with knitting)


While I always knit on the train, I was delighted to find someone else did, too! I hoped she'd come in Fine Points so I could thank her, but she never did.


Yarn and book for the Dragon Knit A Long/Read A Long. Yay!


To me, a day spent at the Botanical Garden means a day spent chasing butterflies and sitting under a tree knitting. The difference between that and doing the same thing at a park is that the butterflies are prettier and the trees are more interesting.


August first! The Dragon KAL/RAL started, as did my socks. I'm really liking the yarn so far. Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn really does!


My internship is halfway over! I foresee the next 4 weeks going very quickly...

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