Sunday, August 8, 2010

I've Been Considering Words That Begin With The Letter "M"...

Mmmm: pizza from Angelo's, near the Studio. Half price on Mondays :)

Mind Freak: why I didn't finish this sock the day I'd planned. It's hard to knit lace and watch an illusionist.


Mirror: the instigator of this picture. I can't be trusted around reflective objects when I've got a camera in my pocket.

Make tracks: what a squirrel does when he comes nose to nose with a skunk. It was an adorable skunk, but the squirrel didn't wait to see if his temperament matched his looks.

Mother-love: a koala hugging her baby in her sleep. Shannon, Abra and I spent a delightful afternoon at the Metroparks Zoo.

Muse: the perfect activity for a day such as this. Clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and the slightest hint of a cool breeze.


Monopod: Ingenious device, invention of Photojojo. Screw the eye into your camera's tripod mount, step on the string - and no more wobbly pix. Tada! Now to try it out...


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