Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Collection of Arbitrary

Lovely week, this. :) It began with a visit to Magical Farms (the largest alpaca farm in the US). I'd guess it's probably also the only one anywhere with an office that overlooks frolicking crias, but I haven't researched that.

The shopping center near our house. Hardware store, Baskin Robbins, Papa John's, CVS, Blockbuster, Heinen's - what more do you need?


Kitchen Sink Dyeworks' custom colorway for the Dragon Knit Along's reading of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Abra's working on the pattern and having a lovely time playing with the yarn.


A sock complete! I'm really enjoying Jenn's pattern - and I feel so productive. I'd like to keep feeling that way so I won't look at my sock yarn stash - and I do still have to make the second sock...


Spotted at the Studio. If you need that many air fresheners, you might ought to start looking for the source of the smell that you're trying to mask.


I met Peggy while working at Fine Points and we became friends. We spent a rainy Saturday browsing River Colors yarn store and eating pizza - and chocolate cake. :d


What a lovely coincidence to find that the very day we go to Shaker Square, there's a British car show complete with a Beatles tribute band and Austin Minis!


One more week! I wonder what it holds?

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Cozy Knitting said...

I just wanted you to know that we miss you at the LYS. Karen and Cassie are great, but it's still not the same. Cynthia Peven brought her socks to Knit Night, and that is a beautiful pattern. Hope you are having a great time.