Monday, July 26, 2010

Black, White, Grey

Now this is how you start a Monday. A drool-worthy specimen of my favorite car: the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. 1973 was a good year... though I prefer the '69s.


I told you there was a dinosaur head. ;) An almost life-sized one, mounted on the wall at about the right height, so when you step off the elevator it looks like it's charging toward you with its mouth open. Robb did an excellent job.


My reflection in the glass protecting some of Phyllis's cool paper art. She has a lot of it lining the hall on the way to Knitgrrl Studio, and I enjoy looking at it as I walk past.


Remember that blue polish? Here it is in action: my toes and Shannon's, under a table on the patio of the Academy Tavern on Larchmere.


There was a magnificent thunderstorm Friday night. This picture is actually what happens when you zoom in on a distant cloud, intending to take the photo through a pane of glass, and forget to turn off the flash.


I grew weary of waiting for a train to take me to Fine Points, so I took advantage of the absence of a "Keep off the tracks or else!" sign to snap this pic from between the sets of rails. This is an unusually long straight stretch for the blue line.


Sunday tried to rain on my parade, but I took a walk anyway. This is a light pole outside the nearest library. There are several different ones, but this is the one I most identify with.


A new week begins, and with it new adventures!

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