Saturday, July 31, 2010

...A Poem Lovely as a Tree

Today I explored the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It was lovely! I spent a long time in the Costa Rican Rainforest Canopy trying to get photo of a Morphos butterfly... they were colossal and blue and now I have a weird desire to watch Alice in Wonderland. (I failed, by the way. Butterflies are fast!) There was a de-butterflying room with a mirror where you could check that none were trying to leave with you.

They had an interesting herb garden...

...that included a section of plants usable for dying, which I found fascinating.


The Inspiration Gardens were cool, too - ideas to implement in your own landscaping. The Waterfall Garden had a dear little bridge (I love bridges) that had colored panes of glass set in the railing. I took a picture through one of them...


...and spent awhile sitting and knitting on a bench in the middle of a clump of trees and bushes. :) Altogether a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

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