Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello, Cleveland!

But first, Oin. He loves blackberries. This it our "private" bush (that is, it's way away from the other ones and no one bothers to weed it) So we had goodbye blackberries.


This is a map of Saint Louis Missouri. Had we paid attention to this map, our trip would have been considerably shorter. As it was, we spent some time trying not to go to Memphis. We finally succeeded.


A cup of cold water at a Panera just outside Cleveland. It may not look like much, but it sure helped at the end of a long and tiring day.


What is the first thing two knitters locate? The yarn store! How did we know where it was? Knit graffiti! Fine Points is delightful and well stocked - and we get to work there some this summer, since Shannon graciously offered to share.


Not so good as the chai at Arsaga's but still quite drinkable. The Vine and Bean Cafe on Larchmere is next to Fine Points and across from Loganberry Books. I recommend all three if you're in the area.


The Larchmere Festival. Shannon's part was Bazaar Bizarre, a mini Clothesline Fair with much cooler wares. I had far too good a time wandering. ;)


And finally, it wouldn't be Independence Day in America without fireworks!


Tomorrow we start working at Knitgrrl Studio. I. Can't. Wait!

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