Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bazaar Bizarre, Cleveland Edition

Today was so full of win that it needs its own special post. :) The Larchmere Festival was today, and Bazaar Bizarre was the Clothesline Fair section of it. Shannon had a booth, which was surrounded by other booths. Being there for 8 hours was hard on me:

Jukebox Art was nearby so it lured me in first. Art inspired by songs - how cool is that? She had a whole collection of the Beatles and I succumbed to this notepad. Inspiration: Oh Darling, art title: Please Believe Me. Which I now have stuck in my head. If you like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Dave Matthews Band, U2, and any number of other amazing groups, or just awesome art, check it out! She had prints, notecards, notepads... yeah.


Just across the way was Saturday Afternoon Housewife.


What drew me in was the Scrabble pendants, but there was more. What's not to love about a necklace with a cute picture on side and a random letter on the back? I got several, for me and for gifts. She had a great selection of hobbies and interests. There were even some with mustaches, and how could anyone not like that?


Next down the row was CAZ Designs.


She had gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. I got a pair of earrings that I plan to design a sweater around. Because jewelry that pretty needs to be highlighted, not poked with something it's semi-the-same-colour as. If I ever get stuck for further inspiration, I'll look her direction.


Near Colette was Oblinaknit.


I am always in need of a pocket that zips, and this one had hedgehogs on it. Irresistible. She had an awesome array of fabric choices, as well as different sized bags and jewelry. I can't decide if my hedgehog pocket is destined for coins, business cards, or knitting notions, but I'm sure anyone would love one for whatever purpose they chose!


Luxe was in the Knitgrrl booth, so I was forced to sit and look at her awesome yarn, buttons and crocheted necklaces and such. -cue overdramatic martyred sigh-


I justified a button, and still want the yarn. There was some with fabric flower petals in it that was pretty darn cool. I love art yarns - they're so great for hats and cowls, or to just sit in a bowl and admire.


Horrible Adorables was such a happy looking place I had to see what it was.


There was adorable unique art, and I procured some postcards "that I really needed." I did! Her Etsy site has better pictures than I took, so you can enjoy the full effect of the horrible adorableness.


And finally, yarn. Where there is yarn, I will go.


Hands and Notions had some drool-worthy colors and super-soft yarns. There was a hand-spun that smelled like a clean lamb in the grass, which is a selling point to me. :) Amazing yarn in fantastic colors - fibercrafter's dream!


So that was today. I really enjoyed the Bazaar Bizarre, and hope I get to participate in another one some day!


oblinaknit said...

it was great to meet you at the show - have a great summer interning with Shannon!

faun said...

thank you!! it was nice meeting you ladies - hope you enjoy your yarn!