Thursday, June 17, 2010


I just got back from Yarn Market in Columbus, Ohio. I rode with Anne Bean, who's a rep for Tahki Stacy Charles. We drove up Wednesday and Thursday and the fun began on Friday! There was a fashion show in the evening. The neatest thing (I thought) was a really amazing sweater - it'll be in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting, so look for it. Think "feather". Actual Market was Saturday, Sunday and Monday til 3. No pix are allowed inside, so here's the outside of the Convention Center (this is not an accurate representation. The building stretched for blocks) and a manhole cover to verify my location. :)

The show floor was colossal. There were rows and rows of booths filled with yarn and books and all kinds of fun stuff. I found Shannon Okey (well, she found me. But I was trying to find her) which was cool to see in person the person I'll be working for this summer. She's a delight and any nervous I had is officially squelched. Saturday I wandered. There was so much to look at! So I looked at all of it. It took the whole 8 hours the floor was open to do, too. Sunday, with a clearer idea of what was going on, I hung out in the pretty booths. (Mango Moon, Alchemy, Bijou Basin, Scarlet Fleece, SWTC, Tahki... and probably some others I've forgotten). Several companies showed interest in my designs, so yay! Sunday night I had to make a speech to the Yarn Group on how "TNNA adding an apprenticeship option to the PiPN program helped me" I survived - barely. One good thing that came out of it was that everyone knew who I was the next day. I also found the perfect crochet hook. Behold:

Check it out. It's from Laurel Hill, and it is truly the Perfect Crochet Hook. Even if you only do edgings on knitted things, you need one. And then Monday I got to help take down the Tahki booth which was cool. Now I'm home and exhausted, with a week and half to recover before I go the Cleveland. Then the adventure really begins. :)

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Ann said...

Mwahahah I am officially stalking your blog now \o