Sunday, June 27, 2010

My World

The week in review :) I tried to take pix of "what I do" since this week begins "what I've never done before"

I confess. I've been planning this one for weeks. It just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up, y'know?


This is the meter outside Hand Held. It's the last remnant of our knit graffiti. The Animal Shelter picked the rest of 'em up like we'd hoped.

Oin was slightly distressed that I delayed his walk because there was a butterfly in my shoe.


A guy came by Hand Held with some seriously cool buttons. We're getting them, so check 'em out!


Knitting linen stitch in a movie works better than one might expect, but I did notice later there was a spot that I switched to seed stitch. As near as I can tell from where it is, Nottingham was burning, Marion was in trouble, and Robin wasn't there.


The Droste Effect. Rae and I have a habit of taking pix of ourselves wearing funky sunglasses. This time I bought 'em and made them into a picture frame. (Another Photojojo idea)


And today. This is the epitome of my Dad: goin' for a Sunday afternoon drive, wearing sunglasses, drinking Mountain Dew, and listening to the Eagles.

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