Sunday, June 20, 2010

21 and 365

As today is my 21st birthday, it struck me as a good time for a resolution. I'm attempting Project 365 (take a photo every day for year. I got the idea from Photojojo.) for several reasons: hopefully it will help my somewhat wobbly photography skilz, and I plan to post them weekly on here, so that will keep me accountable in blogging. So, picture one is this:


There will probably be a lot of indistinguishable close-ups. I have an over-fondness for the micro setting. This is one of those cool textured plastic cups they have at pizza places. It's full of Coke, and it belongs to Tim's Pizza East (who has the best pizza in town. I would say that even if I wasn't friends with the owners. ;) That was my birthday-choice. So, until next week! I need to do something interesting so I can take pictures of it...

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